Hotel “Isak Khodja” Uzbekistan, Khiva, st. A. Rakhmonov, 70

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Distance to:

  • Airport 36 km
  • Railway station 32 km
  • City center

Hotel Description

Hotel has classic-style interior enriched with traditional decorative elements. The color composition is soft and relaxing. Large lobby hall has a lot of space and is filled with light.

Comfortable armchairs, decorative floor vases, bright mottled rugs under your feet and the feeling of coziness in the air create truly delightful impression.

Inside the rooms there is everything you may need to fully recover from the road: shower, air conditioner, comfortable beds, a TV.

Room windows open into a gorgeous view of the ancient city with its magnificent historical and architectural memorials.

Hotel’s restaurant offers both national and European cuisine.

Khorezm dishes, such as goumma, plov and the others, are worth especial attention. They are delicious! In accordance with the local custom, meals are served continuously throughout the day. Thus, it is certain that you will not only like the cuisine and beverages, but the hotel service, too.

Room Features

- Satellite TV
- Air conditioning
- Private bathroom with shower

Hotel Facilities

- Restaurant

Hotel Services

- Daily Cleaning