Hotel “Amulet” Uzbekistan, Bukhara, st. Nakshbandi, 73

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Distance to:

  • Airport 5 km
  • Railway station 12 km
  • City center0.1 km

Hotel Description

In the center of ancient Bukhara, in the street Bahauddin Naqshbandi, 73 are located is an ancient building of madrassahs. Many had to go through in his life to him.

Once there had students, but here, in small cells, they lived away from family and friends. Years of study have been so lengthy that, at times, and childhood and adolescence passed in some walls.

It was empty for a long time, all the forgotten and abandoned. So to survive this building your age, older than gradually, gathering debris, collapsing…

That is the background of Said Kamol madrasah building, which after four years of restoration work got a second youth.

The building is renovated, completed work on the device under his small hotel.

But, more importantly, that it was possible to save here is the spirit of antiquity.

This feeling is enhanced when the cells meet in separate fragments of mural – Kyrma performed by a skilled craftsman using vegetable inks.

Emphasis is placed on the ancient doors of cells, powerful beam ceilings. Despite the apparent severity of the building, it resembles a medieval castle, where from the first moment you feel warmth and comfort.

Everything in interior design in the rooms are tasteful, whether grandma’s trunk, massive bed made of walnut or elegant chairs and tables work talented Bukhara carpenter Alexei Petrovich Syromyatnikova.

But, as befits the hotel, every room in the bathroom, shower, cold and hot water.

The hotel has a small library on the history and architecture of Bukhara.

For tourists evening event is a demonstration of cooking pilaf.

The hotel has internet, fax and computer.

Lounge is decorated with the example of the Bukharin homes: around a low table, under which there is sandals (center) for heating, spread out kurpachi – quilted mattresses and pillows laid out so guests could watch TV, receiving more than 200 channels, drinking sweet tea or coffee.

Room Features

- Bathroom with shower
- Satellite television
- Air conditioning
- Hairdryer

Hotel Facilities

- Kitchen

Hotel Services

- Room service
- Demonstration of Pilov cooking