Chorsu bazaar (9-13th century)
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Tashkent Chorsu market, which is already several hundred years old, is located in the center of Eski Juva (old town) close to the Kukuldash madrassah. Today it is a unique three-level complex, covered with sky-blue domes. It concentrated all the main resources of the region: sweet juicy fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh herbs, dried fruits, traditional sweets, meat, horse sausage (kazi). Moreover, you will be able to watch with your own eyes the process of preparation of the famous Uzbek cakes.
Next to the bazaar teahouses are located, where a delicious pilaf and ruddy shish kebab are being prepared under the open sky, what gives a unique taste. And after a hearty dinner, you can stroll through the craft shops that sell handmade souvenirs.

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