Uzbek national cuisine
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The abundance of natural colors, oriental traditions and customs, attracting aroma of spices- all this characterizes the Uzbek national cuisine. During the gastronomic tour to Uzbekistan, you will certainly fall in love with Uzbek dishes.

Ways of preparing Uzbek dishes have been collected for several centuries, constantly changing their history under the influence of other people. However, Uzbek dishes have retained their characteristic feature: almost all Uzbek cuisine is cooked on a plentiful oily basis. Above the creation of traditional recipes of Uzbek dishes, not only skillful culinary specialists worked, but also experts in medicine. According to one legend, Abu ali Ibn Sino (Avicenna)  createdthe recipe for the most famous dish of Uzbek cuisine plov.

The basic composition of the dishes of Uzbek cuisine includes flour, meat, fatty fat, vegetables and seasonings. There is a considerable list of festive dishes, which the Uzbek people actively prepare on special dates. In some cases, it is very important who prepares the dish, man or woman.

Most Uzbek dishes are very hearty and high-calorie. They are full of various kinds of spices: cilantro, cumin, barberry, sesame, basil, which make the dishes especially appetizing. Another feature of the Uzbek cuisine is the addition of sour-milk products and green radish, which gives a sweet taste, after combining with carrots and butter.

To prepare some Uzbek dishes, you will need to have traditional appliances and dishes. Some of them are presented below:

  • Kaskan (steamer) is used for such dishes as khanum or manti.
  • Tandoor – a kind of clay oven in the East. Tandoors are of two types: vertical (for cooking samosas) and horizontal (for the preparation of unique Uzbek flat cakes).

In addition, ready-made meals are served on the national dishes:

  • Piola- a cup for tea without handles
  • Lagan- a large dish, which is painted with traditional Uzbek ornaments.
  • Kosa – bowl thatis used for dishes on a liquid basis.

During the tour along Uzbekistan, you will have the opportunity to purchase national dishes, which are appreciated all over the world. Painted kosas, pialas and lagans can be observed in abundanceduring the tour “Secrets of Oriental masters “.

According to custom, feasts in Uzbekistan are held at a low table, sitting on the floor, or in the warm season on topchan.

By asking any Uzbek about the national cuisine, the answer will be obvious … soft lamb meat, freshly baked flat cake, vegetable salad and, of course, tea!